Skating Instruction

We survey our Tour participants a lot. Interestingly, when interviewed before a Tour people tell us "instruction" is a very small factor in deciding whether to book a tour. After a Tour, however, it is rated one of the most rewarding aspects.

Why is that? To be honest, most skaters don't realize how much they can improve ... or how much more fun skating can be once they do.

We provide optional inline skating instruction on all our Tours. Instruction is a primary focus of our Skate Camps (see below). Our Guides are all Certified Instructors and are trained in the standards of the International Inline Skating Association's Instructor Certification Program. Equally importantly, however, they are trained in Zephyr's own system of instruction designed specifically for a tour situation.

The skating instruction on a Tour takes place both in optional clinics and in informal instruction throughout the day. We cover a variety of topics depending on the ability level and interests of the group but always cover two important skills:

  • Braking: Many people come on Tours feeling very uncomfortable with their braking skills. We always have a braking clinic on Day One to make sure you get the most out of that little rubber brake on your skate. You will be amazed at how effective it really is.
  • Efficient Striding: With just a few tips and an hour lesson, we can generally make your stride much more efficient than when you arrived. We often hear comments that a guide provided a tip that "was worth the entire Tour price".

Instruction at Skate Camps
We have two goals on our Skate Camps: learning to skate and having fun.

The instructional method we use is an important part of what makes us successful in achieving the first goal. We start by grouping skaters of like ability together, so that you learn at your own pace with others at your level.

Our instruction is divided into three basic skills: striding, stopping, and turning. We start with striding, as there is no need to learn to stop if you arenít moving! These three skills are then taught at three levels: Beginner, Advanced Beginner, and Intermediate. So, as you master the skills at one level, you progress to skills at the next level.

We have two instructional clinics per day. At each two-hour clinic, we focus on a specific skill at a specific level. First, we review the previous clinic's material. Then we demonstrate the new skill and help you practice it. We also throw in fun games and drills to ensure that youíve learned the skill thoroughly.

After two years of experience, we truly believe our Skate Camps are the single best way to learn to skate.


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