Difficulty of Tours

We have Skate Tours for everyone, from those who have never put skates on their feet to speed demons flying down hills.  Most of our Tours are designed for average skaters of Advanced Beginner ability level and up.

We do a couple of things to make sure our Tours appeal to skaters of all ability levels. First, we have two or three routes every day. This allows you to skate your distance at your speed with others of your ability level. Second, we have professional guides and a support van in case you get tired. Third, we provide optional instructional clinics on every tour.

We find many people actually under-estimate their skating ability and do just fine on a Skate Tour once they get enough courage to go! The best way to determine if you are ready for a Tour is to talk with us directly by email or telephone. You can also use the chart below to judge your ability level.

If you ... Then you are a ...
Have never been on skates Beginner
Have been on skates but aren't comfortable on them Beginner
Can skate forward but need work on braking and handling rough terrain Advanced Beginner
Can skate forward, stop, & turn but need technique work on all three Intermediate
Can skate forward, stop, & turn and are comfortable with rough terrain Advanced Intermediate
Are working on your stride efficiency (fitness stride) or can easily skate any terrain Advanced

Once you have determined your ability level, take a look at the next chart to determine which tours would be appropriate for you.  See the specific tour information to see how each location is rated.

Tour Ability Level Required
Learn-to-Skate Camps Beginner or Advanced Beginner
Most Standard Skate Tours Advanced Beginner and higher
Skating Multisport Tours Advanced Beginner and higher
Colorado, Pennsylvania, Paris Intermediate and higher

For an evaluation of your ability level and how you would do at one of our Camps, please fill out our Ability Evaluation Form and we will email you with our personal evaluation.


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