Letter from a Camper

Dear Allan,

It was very nice to meet you in person in Minneapolis. I did not know what to expect when I signed up for Skate Camp even after my lengthy phone call with both Mike and you. Nevertheless, I hoped that it would be an interesting, fun, learning experience similar to that experienced by prior Zephyr clients.

I signed up for the skate camp because I have always been, literally, terrified whenever I came upon a steep hill while wearing my inline skates. However, I hoped that with proper instructions I could overcome that fear and gain the confidence in my ability to conquer hills on skates.

My main objective for signing up was to attain control, blade with style and confidence, and learn a few cool techniques; consequently, improve my skating ability. I never expected to have that much fun and learn so much while enjoying one of my favorite activities.

I am also amazed at the instantaneous closeness developed amongst all the participants and instructors since day one. There was such an electrifying chemistry, which resulted in a group bonding during our entire stay.

In addition, wow! what a staff! We were never away from their watchful, encouraging, and ever guiding presence. I would need an entire day to write about the highly professional high-end personalized training delivered by each of them. Not only did they take a personal interest in ensuring that each and every one received the attention and assistance needed to overcome whatever challenge but went way beyond the call of duty to ensure everyone's enjoyment and safety. This paragraph barely scratches the surface when attempting to recognize their dedication and commitment.

Every detail of this trip was so carefully orchestrated to promote learning in a safe and non-intimidating setting while making it lots of fun. This camp well exceeded my expectations and this delightfully spectacular experience will stay with us for years to come and have, also, set the standard for my future vacation plans.

Many thanks Andrea Franklin, Mike Merriman, Liz Miller, Kris, and you for arming me with the skills to go out and really enjoy inline skating safely and in style.

I will see you at the Amish tour in September.

Carol Wheatly
Skate Camp I
July 15-19, 2000


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