Learn-to-Skate Camps
May 7 - 11 / Hilton Head SC
Five Days and Four Nights for $1200

July 27 - 31 / Minnesota
Five Days and Four Nights for $1050

October 3 - 7 / Hilton Head SC
Five Days and Four Nights for $1200

Have you ever tried to learn to skate but just couldn't get the hang of it? Never yet put your foot in a skate but are ready to try? Just learning but itching for more? Now there is a way for you to learn to skate and have fun doing it: Skate Camps.

Although we call this a Camp, this is actually a full-service, inn-based vacation for adults. (Kids are welcome if accompanied by an adult.) We have run seven Camps to date and the results have been phenomenal. Nearly every single participant learned to stop and improved his or her skating skills dramatically. Of course, we have fantastic instructors and we expected that result (even if some of the participants didn't). What we didn't expect was the incredible feeling these new skaters had during the week as they conquered their fears and learned the great sport of inline skating.

At these Camps you will be with other skaters (and non-skaters) of your own ability level. We start from the beginning and teach you the basics so as not to presume you know something you don't. Our goal is to provide instruction in a fun, stress-free setting.

Think you are too old or too young to learn to skate? Think again. We have taught folks from age 12 to age 71. Worried about coming alone? A majority of our Camp skaters arrive not knowing anyone else. Not only will we teach you to skate; you will also leave Camp with many new friends. Think you will injure yourself? We teach you about proper protective gear, teach you how to fall properly, and teach you the basics so you won't. Think you just don't have the ability to learn to skate? Wrong again. We have had almost 100% success on past Tours.

And in our spare time? We have a variety of options for you: a play at the local theater, an Amish tour, bicycle riding, miniature golf, or shopping on the main street of Lanesboro or Hilton Head.

Convinced? Book your spot today! Not yet convinced? See even more information by clicking on one of the following:

  • Instructor Liz Miller's letter to those of you who are especially nervous

  • A summary of our Instruction

  • A letter from Carol Wheatly, one of our 2000 participants

  • An article that appeared in the Minneapolis Star Tribune

Both the Hilton Head and Minnesota Tours are for Beginners and Advanced Beginners. See our ability page for more information. For a LTS review of a Learn-To-Skate Camp by a participant, click here !


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